Viewing Mirrored Movies with Single Monitor

Display your movies in side-by-side mode and press the 'E' key to set the image spacing to wide.
The key toggles through narrow, medium and wide spacing.
You can set 'wide' spacing as your preferred side-by-side format in View/Preferences.
It may sometimes be necessary to view side-by-side movies that have one side mirrored and which are intended for special viewing methods.
Also, you may wish to share your stereo movies with others who cannot freeview and do not have anaglyph glasses.
You can view these with a single monitor using the arrangement below:-

To do this, press 'Shift+F9' or choose 'Stereo/Side-by-side/Mirror left' from the menu.
Place a mirror about 125x125mm (5"x5") square against your nose and view the right image with your right eye.
Focus your left eye on the right image but carefully adjust the angle of the mirror until the reflected left-image merges with the right one.
A surface-silvered mirror will be preferred by the stereo-enthusiast but the ready availability of ordinary, back-silvered household mirrors makes this a simple way of encouraging interest in stereo-imaging among the 'general public' .