Create depth map from stereo pair

Download the "DMAG5+9b" set used for this function.
Download the latest StereoPhoto Maker(ver5.29b or later)

I use DMAG(Depth Map Automatic Generator)64bit software to create the Depth map from stereo pair.
Grate thanks to Ugo Capeto 3D who made DMAG software!
Attention : DMAG works on 64bit Windows only!

1. Open Stereo pair in SPM
Push 'Auto alignment' in menu button.
2. Select "Create depth map from stereo pair" in menu
3. Only 1st time, you have to install DMAG(Depth Map Automatic Generator) 64bit version.
Push "No" button to jump to this page.

4. Download the "DMAG5+9b" set and extract.
Or, download the necessary files from the official DMAG page.
Download two files ("ugosoft3d-5-nogui-x64.rar" and "ugosoft3d-9-x64.rar").
then extract rar file in the same folder(for exsample D:\dmag5_9)
Please do not use 'Program Files' folder or sub-folder. We can not write any file in 'Program Files' folder without administrator.
So, If you put in DMAG files in 'Program Files' folder or sub-folder, it does not work correctry.

5. Select "Create depth map from stereo pair" in menu again.
Push "OK" button.

6. Select DMAG5&9 folder which you put in DMAG files.

7. Push "Get Values automatic" button to get Background and Foreground values.
Then "Push Create Depth Map" button.
Do not checkt "Create Left/Right Depth Maps' and "Create Depth Map(Front:White Back:Black)".
Basically, no need to change the values, If you want change the values, please read the document of DMAG5 & 9b.

8. Wait a several minutes during DMAG5 and 9b function.

9. Push Side-by-side button.

10. You get 2D image(left) and Depth map(Right)
You have to get (Front:Black Back:White)Depth map.
If you get reversed depth map (Front:White Back:Black), your original stereo pair was reversed.
Please reload stereo pair then swap L/R images, then retry.

11. Select "Save as Facebook 3D Photo(2D+Depth" in menu.

12. Save files.
Depth map Front side: Black
SPM save ***.jpg(2D) and ***depth_.jpg(Depth Map image) automaticaly.

13. You post ***.jpg(2D) and ***depth_.jpg(Depth Map image) in Facebook timeline at same time.

14. Facebook generate 3D image, then you can preview 3D photo before post.

Please enjoy with your stereo pair!