How to use HTML5 Stereo Viewer

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Stereo Dropdown menu for the stereo viewing method
Para Parallel eyes
Cross Cross eyes
Dubois Dubois Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
C_Ana. Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Ana. Gray Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Int. Row Interlaced
V_Int. Column Interlaced
Single Single Image View
SBS50 Side-by-side (50% width)
Mirror Mirror system (W/N key or up/down arrow keys can be used to change the image interval)
Slide Dropdown menu for Slide Show
Off Stop Slide Show
1 Sec. Run Slide Show with 1 sec. Interval
2 Sec. Run Slide Show with 2 sec. Interval
3 Sec. Run Slide Show with 3 sec. Interval
4 Sec. Run Slide Show with 4 sec. Interval
5 Sec. Run Slide Show with 5 sec. Interval
6 Sec. Run Slide Show with 6 sec. Interval
7 Sec. Run Slide Show with 7 sec. Interval
8 Sec. Run Slide Show with 8 sec. Interval
9 Sec. Run Slide Show with 9 sec. Interval
L-R Swap Left/Right images
Zoom Dropdown menu for Zooming
Fit Fit To Window
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
Full Full-Screen if supported by browser
Help Dropdown menu for Help
Japanese Japnese help page
English English help page

Shortcuts keys
Enter Full-Screen ON/OFF if supported by browser
Next Image
LeftArrow Previous Image
A Slide Show ON/OFF
1 - 9 Slide Show Interval (Sec.)

Mouse (PC)
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Mouse Drag to left Next Image
Mouse Drag to right Previous Image

Touch (iPad/iPhone/Android etc)
Flick to left Next Image
Flick to right Previous Image


Tap on the image for erasing dropdown menu in the touch devices(iPad/iPhone/Android etc).
Use two fingers for pinch zoom or scroll of browser.