How to use HTML5 Stereo Movie Player

Menu Dropdown Key Function
Full Enter Full-Screen if supported by browser
Fit F Fit to Screen size
L/R X Swap Left/Right images
Stereo S Dropdown menu for the stereo viewing method
SBS Side by side
Dubois Dubois Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Color Color Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
Gray Gray Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)
H_Int. Column Interlaced
3DLCD Row Interlaced
HSBS Side-by-side (50% width)
2D Single Image View
Slide Dropdown menu for Slide Show
Off 0 Stop Slide Show
(Loop playback for movie)
3 Sec. 3 Run Slide Show with 3 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
5 Sec. 5 Run Slide Show with 5 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
7 Sec. 7 Run Slide Show with 7 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
10 Sec. Run Slide Show with 10 sec. Interval
(Continuous playback for movie)
Play P Play/pause or Still
Next SP Next Image
Prev BS Previous Image
File Open full or half width SBS movie/image
Help Dropdown menu for Help
Japanese Japnese help page
English English help page
Version Show version No.
Reset Reset to default setting
M Show/Hide menu buttons

Mouse (PC)
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Double click Show/Hide menu buttons
Mouse drag move image position
Drag and drop files Open movie/image files(multiple)

Touch (iPad/iPhone/Android etc)
Pinch Zoom in/out
double taps Show/Hide menu buttons
Touch scroll move image position